Kemin, a proud Gold Sponsor of the ESPHM

Published on 23-05-2023 - Written by Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health
At the ESPHM, we addressed alternative strategies to tackle a wide range of health issues encountered at various stages of pig production. As we are a trusted market leader in the pig industry, we also want to share our expertise with you now that the biggest industry event is finished. Our research and innovations help grow our customers' bottom line while meeting the ever-changing landscape of consumer expectations.
There were two Kemin divisions presenting their expertise at the ESPHM; Kemin Intestinal Health, focused on the effective utilization of immunomodulators, in-feed probiotics, and synergistic solutions allowing pig producers to optimize their health management plans and achieve better economic outcomes. Kemin Biologics, focuses on the development and implementation of vaccines for the animal health industry.
Interested to get all the insights yourself? On this page, we share all posters, presentations and more information on our solutions presented at the ESPHM. 

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2022 ESPHM: material shared

Below you find our contributions to the ESPHM in 2022. 


Bacterial Diseases

Viral Diseases


Zinc Oxide Replacement

Profitable Pig Production

Antibiotic Reduction