Training Centre

This Training Centre is specifically designed for Poultry or Pig Veterinarians looking for insights and expertise. At Kemin, we not only have an innovative product range, but we also have the knowledge and expertise in-house to support our partners and we are happy to share these insights. 


On our Blog page, you find a number of webpages on topics such as antibiotic reduction, diseases, general pig or poultry management and so much more. Visit this page regularly as we are constantly creating new materials!


On this page, you find a library of webinars that will allow you to expand your knowledge in health-related areas such as bio-security and diseases. 

Accreditation Centre

We have created a training centre for Pig or Poultry Veterinarians based in the UK to expand your knowledge in animal health-related areas. These webinars contribute to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).