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On this page, you find a library of webinars that will allow you to expand your knowledge in health related areas such as bio-security and diseases. These webinars are presented by recognized specialists and can contribute to your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

We invite you to explore the webinars available and progress at your own pace.
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Webinar Water Quality

In this webinar, we focus on the importance of water quality on poultry farms with Dr. Susanne Kirwan who helps you to understand and monitor water quality. 

Webinar Poultry Biosecurity

In this webinar, Nele Caekebeke, from the University of Ghent in Belgium, takes a practical approach to poultry biosecurity.

Webinar The Chicken Gut Microbiota

In this webinar, Prof. Ivan Rychlik, looks at the chicken gut microbiota: what do we know and what do we still need to know?

Webinar Avian Influenza

In this webinar, Dr. Philippe Gelaude shares his insights on Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease and the lessons we learned from the past. Dr. Gelaude is a poultry veterinarian at DGZ (animal health authority Belgium). 

Webinar From a Harmless Commensal to a Gut Pathogen

In this webinar 'From a harmless commensal to a gut pathogen', Prof. Luke Borst, zooms in on the risk factors associated with Enterococcus cecorum.

Webinar Early Life Stress

In this webinar, Adam Moeser, DVM, Ms, PhD & Associate Professor at Michigan State University, talks about how early life stress can negatively impact lifetime gut health.

Webinar Microbiome

In this webinar, we focus on comparative metagenomics in veterinary health. Aaron Ericsson, DVM, PhD, is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Veterinary Pathology at the University of Missouri.

Webinar Immunology

This webinar gives an overview of the immune responses in the animal with a special focus on the mucosa. How the mucosa relates to the immune response and other health activities occurring within the animal.

Webinar Turkey Health

In this webinar, we focus on how to maintain and improve the health of your turkeys with a probiotic and beta-glucan as an alternative to antibiotics.

Webinar Game Birds

In this webinar, we focus on how to maintain and improve the health of your game birds with a probiotic as an alternative to antibiotics when rearing pheasants and partridges.  

Webinar Biosecurity in Pig Production

In this webinar, Prof. Heiko Nathues from the University of Bern - Switzerland, focuses on the importance of biosecurity in pig production.

Webinar Immune modulation strategies to improve vaccination response

In this webinar, Prof. Enric Mathieu from the University of Barcelona - Spain, focuses on immune modulation strategies to improve vaccination response in swine.

Webinar Heat Stress

In this webinar, Prof. Lance Baumgard, PhD at Iowa State University, takes a closer look at the biology of heat stress and nutrition interactions. 

Webinar Biosecurity - African Swine Fever

In this webinar, Prof. Jeroen Dewulf shares his insights on biosecurity which is related to the African Swine Fever virus. Jeroen Dewulf is a Professor in veterinary epidemiology at the University of Ghent.

Webinar Pig Production and Health

In this webinar, Colin Cargill, Research Consultant at South Australian Research and Development Institute, focuses on the impacts of management and husbandry on pig production and health. 

Webinar Feeding & Managing Breeding Females

In this webinar, Dr. Chris Cameron, an independent consultant, advising numerous pig herds in Australia on productivity and reproduction, zooms in on feeding and managing breeding females for healthy productivity.

Webinar Successful Measures to Control ASF

In this webinar, Prof. Megan Nierderwerder from Kansas State University – USA, discusses successful measures to control African Swine Fever.

Presentation Intestinal Health through a pig production system lens

The Maschhoffs is a family owned company, producing pork from farm to table, raising 4M pigs each year. Interested how they manage pig health? This webinar presented by Dr. Amy Maschhoff, Associate Director of Health, provides all insights.

Webinar Animal Welfare

Nowadays, a lot of eyes on animal welfare. Herewith is a link to a webinar, presented by Dr. Emma Baxter, SRUC, where we take a closer look at different housing systems for sows with a special focus on the sow’s and piglet’s welfare.