Disease prevention and health promotion

Today, regulations and consumer preferences force us to switch from a reactive, curative approach (with antibiotics) to a preventive approach using alternative solutions such as vaccines, bio-security tools, nutritional supplements, etc. The options are endless, but we must admit that it is not always clear how to start this preventive strategy!

Do you want to grow as a Veterinarian in this preventive, consultancy role? Well, Kemin is your ideal partner for preventive health management —we offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-quality and science-based- services and solutions. Our nutritional ingredients and vaccines proactively address bacterial, viral, parasitic, as well as toxic challenges for a profitable preventive strategy while committing to responsible use of medicines. Disease prevention and health promotion are our core business. We tackle challenges and support you as a partner when it comes to mycotoxin management, antibiotic reduction, heat stress, disease challenges, and more. In addition to our wide range of solutions, our technical veterinary experts are also there to support you every step of the way.

We have captured tips & tricks for Vets in an eBook for a responsible usage of medicines on farm. Download here our 'guide towards a preventive approach'. 

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