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We are very pleased to invite you to our exclusive digital platform where we will focus on four of your needs and challenges:

  • How to improve your ruminant diet efficiency and the income over feed cost? We need to focus on nitrogen efficiency, cheese efficiency and feed efficiency.
  • Are you ready to commit to a responsible use of medicines on-farm? We will take a closer look at the importance of biosecurity, vaccination, feed and water management and health supplements on-farm.
  • For your sustainable, pig industry, how to manage rising raw material costs while maintaining animal performance and high-level carcass quality? Focusing on feed quality, feed utilization, feed recipe and finally significantly reducing feed costs.
  • How to optimize feed milling efficiency in your feed mill? Process standardization is crucial and is achieved with advanced product application and sensor technology to improve productivity, feed quality and feed safety.

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When is our experience organized? 

On Monday the 8th of February at 10 AM CET our doors open. That same day, at 5 PM CET, our doors close again. During that time, you are free to come and go whenever suits you. 

How to digitally experience Kemin?

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