A family-owned company

Kemin Industries is a family-owned and operated company founded in Des Moines, Iowa, USA by R.W. Nelson and Mary Nelson. Today, it is the second and third generations of Nelsons who continue to lead Kemin in transforming the world through science.

Over the past 60 years, Kemin has grown into a multinational company producing more than 500 specialty ingredients, spanning six continents, employing thousands of team members, and serving more than 120 countries. We are a leader in the ingredient manufacturing industry with a reputation for producing high-quality, safe, and efficacious food, feed, and health-related products. The headquarters for the EMENA  (Europe, the Middle East and North Africa) region is located in Herentals, Belgium.

Kemin is your ideal partner for health management —We offer science-based- services and solutions. Our nutritional ingredients and vaccines proactively address bacterial, viral, parasitic, as well as toxic challenge for a profitable preventive strategy while committing to responsible use of medicines. In this way, we strengthen animals and foster a healthy and sustainable business for you. Disease prevention and health promotion are our core business. We tackle challenges and support you as a partner when it comes to mycotoxin management, antibiotic reduction or AGP replacement, heat stress, disease management, biosecurity and more. In addition to our wide range of solutions, our technical experts are also there to support you every step of the way.

1. Our animal nutrition and health division, offers nutritional solutions

2. Our biologics division, offers vaccines