Improved transition cow health with choline nutrition

Published on 25-11-2021 - By Kemin

In terms of health solutions, Choline nutrition has received the highest focus due to its role in better liver function during transition phase management and early lactation. Arshad, (2020) performed a meta-analysis on supplementing rumen protected choline during the transition/early lactation period on performance and health of parous dairy cows. In this meta-analysis, twenty-one experiments from 1984 to 2018 were included. Improvement of 200 g dry matter intake prepartum and 500 g postpartum resulted into an increased 1.7 kg/day of energy corrected milk yield (P=0.001), improved milk fat and protein yield (P<0.001) and better feed efficiency (P=0.001) in dairy cows.

21 Experiments confirm better transition cow health with choline nutrition

Kemin’s CholiPEARL™ comes with Micropearls® process which is unique due to its highest focus on process control, results in best suited encapsulation to achieve maximum rumen bypass & intestinally available source of Choline. The key advantages of micropearls process are as follows:

  • Low temperatures help in protection and the release of choline through the fat matrix.
  • Nitrogen brings protection against undesired oxidation before CholiPEARL solidification.
  • Encapsulation allows free flowing and is resistant to physical damage.

CholiPEARL with Micropearls® process helps boost the productivity of cows by improving the functioning of the liver. An improvement in dairy cow health directly increases nutrient use efficiency. A total of 5 feeding trials (Ardalan et al., 2010, Banadaky et al., 2007, ST-12-00002, EU Feeding Trial 1 & 2) on CholiPEARL supplementation resulted in an average of 8.5% improvement in milk production.

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