Ruminant nutrition in times of volatility

Published on 13-12-2022 - By Kemin

We are convinced that only in a close partnership we can have the optimal development and implementation of ruminant scientific findings. We bring academic and industry expertise, and you bring your company expertise. Only with this combination, we can achieve Efficiency, Precision, Improved Health, Environmentally Responsible Production sustainability, and Animal Welfare in all ruminant areas. This is why we organized a technical symposium in Bologna on 29 to 30 November. 

We have brought together for this new event a panel of experts who aim to contribute to this purpose in all ruminant species. Again we lead a team of nutritional professionals, opinion leaders, and researchers who share all their expertise. They contribute with the maximum comprehension of the particular needs and specific technical knowledge and requirements.

Several macroeconomic drivers are having a severe impact on the dairy market, creating both opportunities and challenges. There is a rise in demand for milk whilst sustainable production is becoming more and more important.  We are able to support our customers in several ways thanks to our:

  • in-house expertise in encapsulation technology,
  • expanded production facilities, keeping innovation at the center of our attention, 
  • network of experts and academics enables us to launch new products into the market faster.

Would you be interested in getting all the insights yourself? We have gathered all our international speakers' presentations and made these available for you.