Recording: Let’s Tackle Transition Phase Challenges Together

Published on 30-04-2024 - By Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health

At Kemin, we have extensive experience in Transition Phase Management. We understand the critical role of the Transition Phase in setting the tone for healthy animals and a profitable business. As such, we strive to turn the challenges of this phase into opportunities for optimal ruminant nutrition.

Join us in exploring how we can overcome the abovementioned hurdles of the Transition Phase together in our series of three informative webinars in April, June, and October 2024.

Explore the insights from our webinars at your own pace: watch the complete webinar sessions, specific segments of each speaker, or tune in to our podcasts for a bite-sized recap. 

Webinar 1 • Latest Protein and Energy Recommendations During the Transition Phase

The first webinar of the series covers the latest protein and energy recommendations crucial for managing the Transition Phase in dairy cows, from late pregnancy to early lactation. It addresses challenges such as the negative energy and protein balance, which impact cow health, productivity and farm economics and sustainability

Key topics include how to minimize the energy negative balance with the latest nutritional tools and how to ensure an adequate metabolic protein supply in the transition period for optimal milk production, immune function, reproduction and tissue repair. The webinar covers the significance of balanced nutrition for a successful transition, linking it directly to cow health, milk production, and farm profitability.

Click on the links below to watch or listen to the recordings:

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Webinar 2 • Mineral and Vitamin Requirements To Ensure a Smooth and Profitable Transition

[This webinar will take place on 14 June, 2024.]

In this second webinar; you'll discover essential strategies for ensuring a smooth and profitable transition for your livestock. We'll learn about transition dairy cows' critical mineral and vitamin needs. Emphasizing the importance of minerals like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium, and potassium for overall health and productivity and the role of Dietary Cation Anion Difference (DCAD) in preventing metabolic diseases and maximize peak milk. 

Key topics about minerals will include understanding the significance and latest recommendations of Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin E, Selenium, and Choline in bolstering animal productivity, immune function, reproductive success, and liver health. Learn how meeting these nutritional requirements is imperative for ensuring optimal cow health and performance during the Transition Phase. 

  • Bill Weiss explores mineral and vitamin recommendations according to the latest available research.
  • Pedro Melendez provides insights into feeding to avoid metabolic disorders.

Webinar 3 • Transition Management To Ensure Profitable Lactation

[This webinar will take place on 30 September, 2024. Speakers will be announced later.]

Our last webinar of the series covers essential strategies for maximizing postpartum dry matter intake and managing stress in transition dairy cows.

Key topics include proper nutrition management with gradual diet changes and body condition score monitoring, health monitoring to detect and address illnesses promptly, ensuring a comfortable environment and housing to minimize stressors, employing low-stress handling techniques, and maintaining detailed records. We’ll explore how effective transition management leads to healthier cows, improved reproductive outcomes, and enhanced milk production and farm economics.