Our Lifelong Learning Actions

Published on 3-06-2021 - By Kemin

For you as our customer, we go above and beyond to provide support and ensure your success. Once you decide to become our partner during this journey, we stand by your side and every step of the way in an exclusive partnership. We will support you in our tailor-made training sessions, with our in-house technical support services and focused working groups. These services are always tailor-made to ensure ideal results. These Services are given by our dedicated local technical team, but also by Independent collaborators: referenceable consultants and university researchers. Available in all international formulation models.

YTD in 2021, our internal and external experts – international consultants and University Professors - already did 68 key actions to support our customers during the Kemin Ruminant Essentialities programs implementation, training and follow-up supervision and validation.

The format and content of our actions depend on the goal and are fully aligned with our customers' needs.

Our 2021 Actions

Hereby an overview of the different formats executed in 2021 in all EMENA region:

  • 31 of these actions focused on sharing expertise in a webinar or seminar and 28 of these actions were tailor-made training sessions for small customer groups. Our customized training programs come in different forms: highly experiential workshops, personalized coaching, virtual learning and comprehensive online resources. These will give you the essential skills needed to complete your expertise, implement and develop the amino acid and health formulation. On top of this, you will acquire more skills to maximize efficiency, precision, health, sustainability, and welfare in your daily operations.
  • 7 of these actions were Formulation Evaluation and Validation for an Optimal Implementation and 2 of these actions were Farm audits to Evaluate our Programs Implementation also at field level.

Topics tailored to your needs

Also, the topics of the actions depend on the need and goal. Hereby an overview of the topics we supported our customers within our Lifelong Learning actions:

1. Inspiring amino acids formulation

  • Protein metabolism foundations: Understand protein metabolism in ruminants and main challenges from a nutritional perspective
  • Amino acid nutrition: principles and benefits: non-essentials, essentials and limiting amino acids in ruminant nutrition
  • How to differentiate rumen-protected amino acids: How to select the best rumen-protected amino acid and criteria for rumen-protected amino acid validation
  • Methionine nutrition: Role of methionine nutrition and a deep look into KESSENT® range
  • Lysine nutrition: Role of lysine nutrition and a deep look into LysiGEM™

2. Formulating Ruminant Health 

  • Formulating pre-calving cow’s health for farm excellence
  • Formulating post-calving cow’s health for farm excellence
  • How to improve dry matter intake during the transition phase for farm excellence
  • Decision-making criteria for appropriate application of anionic salts
  • How to select the best source of encapsulated choline chloride for dairy cows nutrition

3. Environmentally responsible production 

  • Nitrogen efficiency and how to reduce N, P and CO2 excretion: How thanks to amino acid nutrition we can improve the nitrogen efficiency, reducing P and CO2 excretion contributing to a healthier planet 
  • Formulating ruminant health to Maximize genetic potential for environment-friendly animal agriculture

Not only do the solutions determine the success, also the implementation. That’s why we don’t only develop excellent evidence-based products with a proven return on investment (ROI) and numerous nutritional and health benefits. To us, it is crucial, that you gain the expertise we acquired in the past 15 years. If you are trained and supported correctly, in a close partnership, you can evaluate formulations correctly and improve new insights implementation. This gained additional expertise will only benefit your business.

Interested to participate in any of these actions? Contact us now.