KESSENT® Me, a sustainable and robust solution for ruminant nutrition

Published on 4-05-2023 - By Kemin

In our quest to offer resilient and environmentally friendly solutions to customers, we are constantly investing in innovation to meet changing demands.

With KESSENT Me, an upgraded version of our superior rumen-protected Methionine product (KESSENT® M), we continue to lead in the ruminant nutrition market, meeting the changing needs of customers and market demands.

KESSENT Me's unique formulation delivers the highest metabolizable Methionine per kg of product, reducing the mean rumen retention time and increasing the passage rate in the rumen. This increases the rumen protection rate of the methionine contained in the product and will improve the effectiveness of the ruminant formulation.

KESSENT Me will also change the feed additives industry sustainably. Not only does the solution reduces the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment, CO2—eq) per kg of rumen-protected Methionine used in the formulation), also its new protection is from a natural renewable source instead, which is a vast improvement compared to the petrochemistry-based old coating material. The new coating is biodegradable under environmental conditions. The biopolymer used in the formulation of this new solution helps to reduce the problem of the release of microplastics into the environment.

KESSENT Me, while maintaining the same and superior bioavailability, offers two significant improvements over its predecessor — sustainability and stability:

  • Sustainability — KESSENT Me is a completely robust and sustainable solution that provides complete reliability, product quality, stability, and improved sustainability. The biodegradable and renewable protection used in its formulation reduces microplastic release into the environment, making it a more sustainable option.
  • Stability — KESSENT M was a superior solution for stability in premixes or total mixed animal ration. KESSENT Me takes it further, guaranteeing stability under adverse or stressful conditions. In fact, it guarantees stability by ensuring animals receive the same amount of metabolizable methionine regardless of farm or factory conditions. On top of this, efficacy improves as we see better stability results even more consistency and better performance.

Kemin's focus on sustainability and innovation makes KESSENT Me a key solution for cost-effective and sustainable animal production. KESSENT Me, together with our superior lysine solution, LysiGEM aims to address the current and future needs of the ruminant market.