Improved transition and post-calving productivity

Published on 5-10-2022 - By Kemin

Our unique solution, CholiGEM™, offers three times more bioavailable Choline chloride, resulting in an improved transition and post-calving productivity.

We have invested more than half a decade to design a unique C3 model, to achieve the best results from supplementing Choline in the next generation of encapsulated Choline solution “CholiGEM”.

The main advantages of CholiGEM:

  • 140 % more concentrated source of encapsulated Choline chloride
  • More than three times bioavailable source of Choline chloride

Thanks to the unique C3 model and 60% Choline chloride concentration, CholiGEM’s Choline attains the highest peak in the cow’s blood.

The science behind the innovation

The ultimate aim of feeding encapsulated Choline chloride to the cow is the speed and the amount of Choline available in the blood. Only the most advanced research gives a complete picture on the bioavailability of encapsulated Choline chloride in the animal.

 The recent publication “Bioavailability of 2 different rumen-protected Choline products for dairy cattle measured with the area under the curve method“ in Journal of Dairy Science compares the area under the curve methodology (AUC) of CholiGEM with another commercially available product.

 This publication shows that:

  1. CholiGEM’s Choline reaches the blood in 5.4 hours where Product (R)’s Choline reaches the blood in 10.9 hours. Speed (Time) matters in attaining the highest peak in the blood.
  2. CholiGEM’s AUC was 1279 AU which was significantly higher (P<0.05) than Product (R)’s AUC which was 503 AU.

This research outcome brings the most advanced insights on the whole GI tract pattern of release and availability of Choline to the cow. These findings were only possible when an extensive blood sampling was done till 48 hours post supplementation of different encapsulated Choline chlorides.

The AUC bioavailability research clearly indicates that CholiGEM provides 2.5 times more Choline to the cows.

CholiGEM_Blogpage chart

What does this mean for the cow? 

Also the results on the cows are clear. Data analyses from 27 published studies showed an increase in postpartum dry matter intake (from on average 19.1 to 19.9 kg/d; p < 0.01) and milk yield (from on average 31.8 to 32.9 kg/d; p = 0.03, figure 2) in cows receiving encapsulated Choline chloride. Milk fat yield and milk protein yield were also increased (p ≤ 0.05), without changing milk protein and fat contents.

What is the difference with other products? 

Today, most of the commercially available encapsulated Choline chloride products contains only 25- 28 % Choline chloride. This lower level of Choline chloride in the product has always been challenging for a nutritionist to balance cost and space in the diet formulation.

Kemin’s Choline core encapsulated with scientific coating resulted in to 60% Choline chloride in CholiGEM. It has more than double the concentrated source of Choline chloride in encapsulated form with more than triple the bioavailable Choline chloride than its first generation. This provides highest bioavailable Choline chloride in rumen protected form.

Higher concentration of Choline chloride in CholiGEM with superior bioavailability helps in creating up to 30% more space in premix formulation. This also helps in lowering carbon and water footprints from manufacturing and transportation of CholiGEM, based on per kg bioavailable Choline chloride produced and shipped in the market. This way, CholiGEM contributes to green foot printing.

The uniqueness of the C3 model

Kemin’s Scientists have invested more than half a decade to design a unique C3 model, to achieve the best results from supplementing Choline in the next generation of encapsulated Choline solution “CholiGEM”.  The uniqueness of this model lies in:

Kemin’s Choline Core 

We developed our own core with an expectation to coat with technical ingredients. Various physical characteristics were considered during the development phase of these granules: smooth core surface, controlled hygroscopicity, desired specific gravity, homogeneity, standard particle size, stability, desired level of active load of Choline chloride in the dry granules and resistance during physical processing.

Scientific Coating

We encapsulate the Choline Core with different levels of technical ingredients, improving the strength of the coating. This coating isn’t too strong or too weak, but a perfect scientific balance. Excellent results are obtained with our scientific balance of 60% Choline chloride in the encapsulation.

CholiGEM_C3 Model

All the benefits for you

CholiGEM is a breakthrough innovation in Choline nutrition which has raised the bar for higher performance from ruminant animals by providing the superior bioavailability of Choline in cows along with greater flexibility for application with green footprinting. All the benefits are available for you, contact us to explore the opportunities together