Customer experience with using amino acids

Published on 22-02-2022 - By Kemin

We have for many years and continue to invest in cutting-edge ruminant nutritional solutions for the dairy sector, small ruminants, and beef Industry. It is important to us, that our customers are both well informed and updated with the most recent research for an optimal implementation and Income over feed cost. 

Together with the academic sector and our customers in the field, we can take important steps in animal welfare, sustainable farming, and improved profitability. The partnership with our customers and the input we receive is crucial. We are therefore happy to share the insights we received from Ken March an experienced ruminant nutritionist and Peter Smith farmer at L.A.M Smith & Sons in the UK, on their experience using rumen-protected amino acids.

Balancing amino acids for improved herd health and performance

Ken March shares his view on the challenges we are presently facing and how to tackle them. “There are a lot of current challenges especially with the supply of raw materials, which are impacting the dairy industry, looking at the milk price. Therefore, we have to be more efficient and this is where protein efficiency comes into play, so that cows can perform better with less waste. I consult on a number of farms and aim to feed more efficiently without impacting herd performance”, he explains. Ken was introduced to the importance of amino acids 15 years ago and since then has become very experienced in this field. “Amino acids are known for their positive effect on performance and milk solids. However, I have learned from experience that it goes much further than that. They also improve the immune system resulting in improved herd health and in particular fertility, increased milk yield and milk solids”.



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You too can experience the benefits of balancing for amino acids by implementing rumen-protected Methionine and Lysine in your ruminant diets. We are happy to guide customers with our experience, knowledge and insights. Learn from Peter’s journey.