Large 2000 cow field trial proving the effects of amino acids usage

Published on 3-02-2022 - By Kemin

A recent trial in a large 2000 cow dairy farm in the United Kingdom shows that balancing for amino acids results in multiple benefits. We implemented Methionine and Lysine to meet the dairy cows requirements which resulted in an improved ROI thanks to better productive performance, health and fertility.

Trial results showcasing clear benefits

The objective of this trial was to prove the effects of KESSENT® M and LysiGEM™ on milk performance, health, fertility and economical parameters, with a special interest in cows up to peak lactation (120 DIM) in a large commercial dairy herd. 

In summary we saw the following results; 

  • Improved productive performance: 1.8 kg (<60 DIM) and 0.6 kg (<120 DIM) leading to 360 kg more milk per cow per lactation
  • Increased reproduction: 3.3 fewer open days and reduced embryonic losses
  • Improved health in terms of mastitis and metritis, dramatically reducing costs for the entire herd. Additionally, positive health effects on calves can also be expected
  • Increased economic return for the farmer: ROI is 5:2:1 taking into account the 21 days pre-calving period and 120 days post-calving period balanced with rumen-protected Amino Acids

Interested in the detailed description of this trial and all the results? Download our technical documentation by clicking on the button below.

Farm Amino Acid Trial Success

British Dairying interviewed Howell Richards and our Technical Sales Manager Robert Hamilton at Cwrt Malle farm in the UK following this feeding trial. During the interview Mr. Richards explains the impact of feeding rumen-protected amino acids on his commercial herd. ‘Amino acids are not additives; they are nutrients that can replace fishmeal and soya. Every day we are looking to be more efficient and for options to take out costs. We are now seeing feed costs coming down as we strip soya out of the rations” states Mr Richards.