New solutions to replace the need for antibiotics

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By on 7 May 2020

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In this new era, we must all work to prevent diseases, rather than not simply treating them antibiotics. By preventing diseases, we can reduce the morbidity and therefore also decrease the need for antibiotics  


Yes, many available additives or nutritional supplements can be used in programs to reduce the need to treat with antibiotics. Antibiotic alternatives can be offered by various channels such as immune support, intestinal integrity, intestinal healthEnterobacteriaceae control, mycotoxin management, etc. Looking more in detail in these options, will help you to prevent diseases and therefore automatically reduce your need for antibiotics. We will focus a bit on the main ones!  

Probiotics for gut health 

Many probiotics on the market, designed to balance the microbiome. A balanced microbiome leads to optimal intestinal health. Spores of Bacillus spp. are commercially available on the market as a probiotic. How do they work? After ingestion of the spores and passage of the stomach, the spores germinate and start to multiply in the intestine into the live Bacillus cells,  which consequently can act as a probiotic.  

Main benefits

  1. Modulates against Clostridium spp. 

  2. Stimulates the proliferation of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium in the intestine 

  3. Reduces intestinal inflammation 

  4. Stimulates a well-developed and diverse intestinal microbiome  


  • Diarrhea 

  • Dysbiosis 

  • Recovery from antibiotic treatment 

  • Useful tool in antibiotic reduction programs 

  • Manages enteritis symptoms 

Beta-glucans for immune support 

Beta-glucans are complex sugar molecules recognized by the immune system. How do they work? Once the immune system has recognized the beta-glucan, an immune reaction will occur. The immune system begins rapidly recruiting and activating immune cells to the site of infection, increasing the ability of animals to cope with the disease or administered vaccine. 


  • Before and during vaccination programs  

  • During stress periods (pathogens, heat, ...) 

  • Immunosuppression (YOPI group) 

  • Antibiotic reduction programs 

Encapsulated organic acids in combination with essential oils for Enterobacteriaceae control

This combination is ultimately synergistic and efficient. The essential oils will damage the cell wall of gram negative bacteria, leading to an easier penetration of the acids into the bacteria. Once inside, the acids disrupt the normal cell physiology, resulting in bacterial death. 


In case of high Enterobacteriaceae (e.g. Salmonella) challenge. 

Butyrate for intestinal integrity 

Butyric acid stimulates enterocyte proliferation and intestinal villi growth in the whole intestine guaranteeing an optimal intestinal integrity. Optimal intestinal integrity allows absorption of nutrients and is a perfect barrier against bacteria and toxins entering the blood stream.  


  • Newborn and young animals 

  • Diarrhea, leaky gut 

  • Failure to thrive 

Mycotoxin binders for mycotoxin management 

Mycotoxins give rise to many different pathological effects in animals, and humans, such as toxicity in the liver and kidney, defects of the central nervous system and oestrogenic responses. These pathologies lead to lower animal performance and productivity. While poor animal performance is of economic importance, the effect of many mycotoxins on the immune system of the animals is of increased concern. Mycotoxins can impact vaccination efficiency, the susceptibility of animals to viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases, and have a negative impact on intestinal morphology and function compromising gut health. Mycotoxin binders offer a solution to reduce the bioavailability of mycotoxins and their negative effects, and to allow the production of safe feed. 


  • Prevention of mycotoxicosis 

  • Reduces symptoms associated with mycotoxicosis 

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